South Pond Farms

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A true Taste of the Country

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We're usually discovered through word of mouth, but now people are discovering us on television.

When the Canadian DIY channel Makeful went looking for a unique place to build a series around, it’s no surprise they ended up at South Pond.

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The reality series Taste of the Country spotlights Danielle, her team, and her family as they work together to create magical events at the farm. Will rain ruin a wedding? Will the judges like South Pond’s creative butter tarts? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the stress, laughter, and love that go into everything at South Pond Farms.

In 2012, we welcomed would-be Dorothys as part of the CBC reality show Over the Rainbow. They sang and sashayed their hearts out amid our meadows and readied themselves in our guest house, all hoping to be the one who would ultimately take the stage in the Toronto musical.



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