Our Team

Meet the South Pond team

Our Team & The South Pond Family

Many special people make South Pond Farms the magical place it is. My vision could never have been realized without their dedication. It began with my daughters’ friends and my friends’ children – some of those “children” are still working here at the farm – and grew to the amazing team I have here today. I cannot express how grateful I am for everyone, past and present, who has played a part in our success. I thank them every day for their hard work and commitment to my dream.

Danielle French – Creative Leader

Office and Event Planning Team
Carlyle Apps
Andrea Andringa

Culinary Team
Neale Aziz
Dylan Smith

Front of House
Mitch Collins – Front of House Manager

Jarrod Craig – Farm Manager
Ellen Sweeney – Gardener


Danielle French

The Owner & Creative Force Behind South Pond. Danielle French takes pleasure in authentic, simple, artisanal food and is continually inspired by life in the country.


Carlyle Apps

Our Director of Operations. Carlyle is the eldest daughter of Danielle. She oversees all ongoing operations and procedures at South Pond. She also is a beekeeper, producing the honey that we use and sell at the farm.


Grace, Olivia, and Aubrey Rose

All Danielle’s daughters are involved in their own unique ways around the farm.

Grace, studying finance and math at McGill, lends her assistance in the office in brand development and financial strategies. Olivia, playing for the Canadian Women’s rugby team in Victoria, jumps in and helps in the kitchen or with Carlyle at the bar every chance she has when she is home. Aubrey Rose is the youngest sister and, as a guest once said to her, “she is the South Pond secret weapon!” She does a little bit of everything including running deliveries and selling our farm flavours line, prepared foods, and fresh produce and flowers at near-by markets.

Employment Opportunities

We’re looking for people to join the South Pond family for the 2020 summer season!

We look for experienced individuals who have an interest in the service industry and are looking to learn about agritourism and the local food movement. We do not currently have any positions open, but we are happy to take applications for anything that might open up! You can send an email to us at carlyle@southpondfarms.ca.