Spinach many ways!

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We have a lot of fresh spinach growing in the garden and will have until early June. I’m harvesting leaves every day and trying some ways to prepare spinach that…

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Recipes of my week

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There are a few things that speak to me of spring and one of them is fresh trout and dill. We have both on our website for sale right now.…

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The mighty Microgreen

Microgreens We've been growing Microgreens here on the farm for a few years in our greenhouse in cooler weather and then outside the kitchen window on a sill. We add…

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Kale Salad

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Salads make up a large portion of my plate for nearly every meal. During this time of isolation, I am eating lots (and lots) of root vegetables left over from…

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Hummus with a twist

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Danielle's substitution hummus Recently, those of us labouring in the office at our computers were able to sample a new concoction from the kitchen - roasted and smoked carrot hummus…

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Pizza Dough Explained

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Makes 1 medium size pizzaAllow for 20 minutes baking and 10 minutes to prepare Our pizza dough We have pizza dough for sale on our website and on the Kendal…

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Inspired by nature

I am finding it difficult to write about recipes and food even though I love cooking. But I am inspired by what I read and see from others, especially bread-baking.…

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Pork Rillettes

I am happy that it’s starting to feel - and look -  like Spring. We are doing our best to stay uplifted here at the farm with events pushed off…

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