Happy Father’s Day

My father, Tom French, lives with my mom and their dog Arthur the golden retriever in the house I grew up in up on a hill in Brattleboro, Vermont. My dad is the eldest child of my grandparents, [...]

Goulash Soup Recipe

Goulash Soup I’ve just returned from a short trip to Germany and savored all the meals I had. My godmother, Renate and her husband Eberhard are great cooks and they enjoy cooking together. We had [...]

Sensing Change

Sensing Change Last year, I sensed a change coming on – for me, for my business. I wanted to look at things in a new light and to embrace a new step. Nothing was wrong particularly, nothing [...]

The Famous Netflix Soup

The Famous Netflix Soup After our show, Taste of the Country, was released, one of the most asked about recipes has been – do you have the recipe for Kohlrabi soup? Finally, after a couple [...]