Happy Father’s Day

My father, Tom French, lives with my mom and their dog Arthur the golden retriever in the house I grew up in up on a hill in Brattleboro, Vermont. My…

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Working from home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=".vc_custom_1557914351177{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}"] Working from home When I moved to this farm, I never thought I would start an event based business nor did I think my home would…

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Goulash Soup Recipe

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Goulash Soup I’ve just returned from a short trip to Germany and savored all the meals I had. My godmother, Renate and her husband Eberhard are great cooks and they…

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Healthy Living with my Fairy Godmother

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Healthy Living with My Fairy Godmother I’m back home from a wonderful but short visit with my godmother and her husband Eberhart in Germany. Our time together is always great…

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Sensing Change

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Sensing Change Last year, I sensed a change coming on - for me, for my business. I wanted to look at things in a new light and to embrace a…

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The Famous Netflix Soup

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The Famous Netflix Soup After our show, Taste of the Country, was released, one of the most asked about recipes has been - do you have the recipe for Kohlrabi…

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Looking Ahead

  Looking Ahead! I love the first week of the new year. When the girls were babies, I remember a huge snow storm hit Toronto and everything closed for days.…

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Holiday Thoughts

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Holiday Thoughts There are times when I know exactly what the perfect gift is for someone in my family, other times like at Christmas, it is hard when you need…

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Tante Mimi’s Potato Pancake Recipe

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Tante Mimi’s Potato Pancakes   My godmother Renate’s mom, my Tante Mimi made the best potato pancakes ever. I have memories of her standing in the kitchen next to the…

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