Healthy Living with my Fairy Godmother

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Healthy Living with My Fairy Godmother I’m back home from a wonderful but short visit with my godmother and her husband Eberhart in Germany. Our time together is always great…

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Sensing Change

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Sensing Change Last year, I sensed a change coming on - for me, for my business. I wanted to look at things in a new light and to embrace a…

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Looking Ahead

  Looking Ahead! I love the first week of the new year. When the girls were babies, I remember a huge snow storm hit Toronto and everything closed for days.…

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Holiday Thoughts

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Holiday Thoughts There are times when I know exactly what the perfect gift is for someone in my family, other times like at Christmas, it is hard when you need…

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Decorating for the Holidays

Decorating for the Holidays   Today I’m working on holiday decorating and gift ideas. It seems early to me, being only the first week of November, but I need a lift…

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Making a Shift

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Making a Shift   Are you ready to make a shift in your life? I’m very excited about implementing my own shift toward helping others with the new Event Business Masterclass I…

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Beekeeping at the farm

Beekeeping at South Pond Farms   This summer for the first time, we offered a bee tour and a honey tasting for guests that visited the farm on Wednesday’s. The…

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