Beekeeping at the farm

Beekeeping at South Pond Farms   This summer for the first time, we offered a bee tour and a honey tasting for guests that visited the farm on Wednesday’s. The…

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Early one morning, before the holidays, I was starting my day. The fires had been lit, coffee made and I shuffled into my office to sit in my favourite chair…

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Then and Now: Part I

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I was sorting through some photos recently. A project that I believe seems to fit with January in the greater scheme of getting organized. I found some old photos of…

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Getting Ready

I’ve spent the first week of the new year probably like many - thinking of what next steps might look like over the coming months and changes I’d like to…

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I started doing workshops at the farm not because I’m an expert in instruction or even have expert knowledge but because there are certain things that I love doing. Craft…

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Yesterday was the first Christmas Market at the Farm. Truthfully, I did try a Christmas in the Country Market a few years ago, before our chef, before Netflix. I had…

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Wood Stacks and Conversations

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This past week, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to take a break from life at the farm and visit my godmother, Renate and her companion Eberhard in Germany.…

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