John the Carpenter

Add MediaInsert Download VisualText Periodically we profile artists, influencers, people that make South Pond the magical place that it is for me and for others. John Matchett also known as…

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Why Local Seasonal Produce is Important
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Why Local Seasonal Produce is Important

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For those of you that subscribe to our newsletters, you might be noticing a trend. There has been a LOT of talk about “local” and “seasonal” food choices. In a…

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A Season in Review

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For me, autumn has always signified a fresh start; a new beginning, a time to reflect on the busy summer months that seem to pass by far too quickly. After…

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Christine’s Story

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My story, though still unfinished, began in a doctor’s office almost seven years ago when I was diagnosed with IBS, lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity and a torturous colon… just a…

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Millie’s Corner

Our lovely goat Millie will not be with us much longer. She has a sickness that we can not cure and every day we have with her is a lovely…

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Shark Conservation in Fiji

By Amy Hall I briefly mentioned Projects Abroad and the Shark Conservation Project in my last post about Global Friendships while discussing how difficult it was to leave my new…

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Easter on the Farm

I love Easter. It is one of my favourite holidays. This is the time of year that there is a renewal and rebirth in everything. While it is early this…

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