How to Kill 8 Hours in LAX

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Los Angeles International airport is arguably one the of the busiest in the world.   As a state of the art facility, there is no shortage of provisions for entertainment.…

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Adventures with Amy

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In her post about my departure, Danielle alluded to some regular travel posts to come and well, Adventures with Amy is here! Formerly Ask Amy (a place where I would…

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Amy’s Departure

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Although I am sad to formally announce Amy’s departure from South Pond, if I'm being honest there’s mixture of pleasure in this announcement too. Amy is off to find adventure…

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The Goat Coop?

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  The goats are currently having some reno's done to their usual paddock (or goat palace as we lovingly call it) meaning that lately they have been sharing pasture with…

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A Ride in the Gator

Lily and Mitch getting ready to go for a ride It's funny how quickly oddities become the norm around the farm. Although I suppose that is true of anyone's life,…

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