Prepared Food

for pick-up

A variety of prepared food and pantry items available for farm pick-up. Everything is made fresh, from scratch and using ingredients from local purveyors and local farmers. We are taking every precaution to ensure a high level of sanitation. 

In the South Pond Kitchen, Bonnie from BE Catering has a lovely menu of fully cooked prepared food and pantry items frozen and fresh ready to be heated at home.

How it Works

Prepared food is only available for farm pick up or local pick-up in Peterborough at Sweet Beast Butcher Shop. We require payment in advance so there is no exchange of money required when you pick-up your order.

1. Prepared food items and quantities are updated every week on Friday. We will send out an email reminder with all of our updates. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you want to receive it.

2. You can place an order online and select a pick-up time and location. We require orders be made one full day before your pick-up time so we have time to get it ready for you. Pick-up options are: 

         From South Pond Farms: 

         From Sweet Beast Butcher Shop:

 3. You come pick-up your order during your pick-up window. 

4. Head home to enjoy your items! 

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Virtual Farmer's Market!

You can also find our prepared food and pantry items, along with products from countless amazing farmers and artisans, on the Green Circle Food Hub virtual farmer's market. They offer home delivery to the GTA, Northumberland and Clarington areas!