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Mother is the first volume in a series and features the lovely illustrations of my daughter, Carlyle. Mother celebrates women in our lives and offers an elegant seasonally inspired menu based on fresh ingredients. Released just in time for the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Printed copies can be sent anywhere in Canada.

Most of us have at least one mother. If we are lucky, we also have a community of mothers who have taken up prominent residence in our hearts: grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, and close neighbors and friends who have influenced, mentored, or just been there for us in times of need. The first volume in the South Pond series, Mother, celebrates these women in our lives and offers an elegant, seasonally inspired menu based on fresh, simple ingredients that you can make for your special mom or moms. Included are my favorite spring recipes and tips for cooking a delicious meal, setting the right mood, arranging a perfect table, and even crafting special parting gifts for your guests. Enjoy.

Danielle French is the owner of South Pond Farms and host of the television series Taste of the Country, currently on Netflix in eleven countries and the Makeful Channel in Canada, where she shares her tips and secrets, trials and tribulations, of life and work on the farm.

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