Stories by Danielle

After over 10 years sharing my stories here on my website, I have moved over to Substack where I can share regular newsletters right to your inbox with new recipes, ideas about decorating, tips and strategies for your small business and stories about life and navigating that next important stage of our lives and finding purpose.

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I write a column for A Taste of the Kawarthas, a local magazine and contribute other pieces of writing here and there as opportunities arise.

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I’ve written short format cookbooks that centre around one menu. I include stories behind the recipes, tips for hosting and entertaining and individual recipes for each item on the menu.

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Me and my co-host, Briar Jamieson, launched the podcast How You Play The Game. We are two women who met playing pickleball and love talking (and laughing) about the game, sharing tips and strategies and creating community. This is a podcast about pickleball and entrepreneurship. 

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