By Danielle French

2015 Menu Tasting Day

Just two short weeks after our season ended we scheduled our Menu Tasting Day for our 2015 weddings. In the past, we hosted the day in April, but given the 2 inches of ice that formed a skating rink around the property and the frozen pipes in our kitchen this past April, we began to rethink the time of year to host such an event.

After having everyone here on October 4th, I can say without a doubt that it was the right decision. We were able to be in the barn, set-up tables, arrange flowers and most importantly, sample the food and cocktails! It is always such a joyous occasion and for many really signals the beginning of their wedding planning, bringing home the idea that ‘this is really happening!’ with a resurgence of excitement. It was a pleasure to be able to see everyone again. There are often months that pass between in-person visits with couples (as email is usually the most prominent form of correspondence) so it is fun to be reminded of each couple’s personality.

Joining us again this year were our fabulous DJ, Peter St. Francis, along with the wonderful Jen from The Sweet Kitchen, our lovely Kim from Kim Magee Photography and Olivia and her team from Better Ever After. A few months ago Olivia reached out to us to introduce us to her unique gift registry and we completely fell in love with the concept. The idea behind is that wedding gifts can be more than just things, they can be experienced. Who wouldn’t love to receive a wine tour, cooking class, rock climbing class or date night as a wedding gift? In a world where many couples already have the things more traditionally given as wedding gifts, like China and cookware for example, as a result of living together prior to marriage, this is the perfect registry for the modern bride.

We are happy to announce that South Pond Farms is currently working with Better Ever After to develop some unique registry items based on our Culinary and Artistic Adventures packages.

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