Butcher Share

We have an exciting offer to share. Recall, last month, we started a Butcher Box on our website, allowing guests to order cuts of meat that we source from local…

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Onion Jam

I love savoury jam. I started making a pear onion compote when I was much younger as a gift I could make for the holidays so I know the savoury…

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Two Great Ways to use Fresh Herbs

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Chives are one of the first herbs to make an appearance in my garden. I have planted them everywhere using them both in the herb garden and in the flower…

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My herb garden

The herb garden has become one of my passions. I moved to this farm in the late 2000’s and one of the first things we did was dig into the…

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Chervil is not an herb that gets much attention. It is difficult to find in stores and I don’t often see recipes using it. Chervil is related to the parsley…

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Tips from my Mom

This category in my stories should have been something I started years ago. I speak to my mother many times during the week and we often talk about food, what…

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