Things to do with Jalapeños

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We have grown a mountain of Jalapeño peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers and other varieties. I pick them and go back the next day and there are twice as many.…

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When the basil begins to come in growing in my kitchen garden, I know summer is truly here, but also that summer is winding down. Cool August mornings, hot days…

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Spiced Carrot Soup

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I have a lot of carrots in the garden this year. The are different varieties Napoli, Yaya, Deep Purple, Red Sun each have a unique flavour and are delicious. I'm…

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Red Currants

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We have an abundance of currants this year both red and black. They are not to everyone’s liking.  They are tart, although not as tart as a cranberry and have…

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Two Great Ways to use Fresh Herbs

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Chives are one of the first herbs to make an appearance in my garden. I have planted them everywhere using them both in the herb garden and in the flower…

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