By Danielle French

A Ride in the Gator

Lily and Mitch getting ready to go for a ride

It’s funny how quickly oddities become the norm around the farm. Although I suppose that is true of anyone’s life, since anything can become ‘normal’ after experiencing it enough. A regular sight around here these days is Lily riding in the gator. That’s right. IN the gator! Not in the back, not running alongside, but right there in the front passenger seat. When she rides with JT, I even see her strapped in with a seatbelt so that he doesn’t have to worry about her falling out.

If another person needs to go in the gator instead of her, oh dear! Does she ever get upset about it! Lily will run right along side as close as she can get. You can tell she is thinking “Let me in! Let me in! Don’t forget me!”

When the gator is parked and she’s not able to feel the wind racing by her floppy ears, it’s not unusual to see her taking an afternoon nap on her seat, basking in the sun. It really is quite the comical sight, something that just makes you shake your head and chuckle. I’ve always felt that something is truly funny if it has the ability to make you laugh out loud when no one else is around to hear you. Lily in the gator is definitely one of those things.

Millie, and all of our beloved animals out at the farm, provide no shortage of entertainment, which is why Millie’s Corner was born – so we can share these stories with you. From goats eating wedding flowers to dogs riding in the Gator, sometimes we think we have seen it all…

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