By Danielle French

Adventures with Amy

In her post about my departure, Danielle alluded to some regular travel posts to come and well, Adventures with Amy is here! Formerly Ask Amy (a place where I would answer my most commonly asked questions, provide stories from life on the farm from my perspective and share a little more about myself) this new column will allow you to follow me on my travels from South Pond Farms and my home, while I share insight and anecdotes about the places I am visiting.

Ironically, my first ever post under Ask Amy was titled “Adventures of Amy.” Life’s funny how it comes full circle sometimes isn’t it?

I hope to provide practical advice and tips alongside personal stories about the ups and downs I face along the way of my new travel journey. When I started my own blog my goal was to inspire others in some small way to start their own journey – to reach outside their comfort zone and simply enjoy what the world has to offer. For some this is as simple as going to the movie theatre alone, for others a long post-poned road trip with friends. Everyone’s journey and view of adventure is different, so thank you for joining me on mine!



Stay tuned to read about Amy’s journey from South Pond Farms. She is headed this week to the island of Fiji for a month long adventure in shark diving.


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