By Danielle French

Artist: Erin Metcalf – Mixed Media

I met Erin through her now-husband, craftsman extraordinaire Shawn Cameron. By day, Erin teaches music, art, drama and dance at Bobcaygeon Public School by day and creates beautiful and intricate woodcuts by night. This is a difficult art form to produce and was excited about having Erin’s work here as part of Art in the Fields.

She finds beauty in the woodcuts as well as the prints she makes from them. Her favourite subject is rural life, which is not surprising given that she grew up in a farm not far from South Pond in the Bethany area. Her studies took her to Kingston where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Queen’s University.

I’ve heard through the local grapevine that her students love her and it’s easy to see why. She is a warm and lovely woman who is passionate about teaching art (and music) to young people and they are lucky to have her. My own girls always took extra art classes whenever possible, and were shaped in a very positive way by the care and support of a dedicated art teacher like Erin. Olivia came to the kitchen table all through her younger years with a box of crayons and pencils and drew before breakfast. Carlyle is studying fine arts in university and Grace is using her skill at drawing to pursue fashion design.

Art in the Fields ran from July 1 to July 7 at South Pond Farms.

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