By Danielle French

Bride Feature: Christine McCormack

My name is Christine McCormack, I’m 28 years old, and both my husband and I grew up in the Kawartha Lakes. We currently live and work in downtown Toronto. We love spending our spare time with family and friends, so we visit the Kawartha Lakes often.


Christine and Jordan at South Pond Farms | Photo Credit: Jenn Austin Driver


My husband and I met when we were both home for the summer from college/university. After dating for a few years while living in Ontario we decided to move to Calgary together. My husband proposed to me in our apartment in Calgary, he startled me at first as I didn’t realize he was in our bedroom bent down on one knee. It was a very sweet moment!


Christine prepares to say I do at South Pond in September 2016 | Photo Credit: Jenn Austin Driver


When we got engaged we were living in Calgary and we had two things in mind while searching for a venue; location and reliability. We wanted to get married back home in Kawartha Lakes, and we knew we needed a venue that we could rely on for so many aspects of our wedding day since we were planning it from out of the province. We found South Pond Farms and it aligned with so many of the values that were so important to us. We were so impressed by all the services and amenities they provided, and having a wedding coordinator we could consult with about all those little details was amazing! Not to mention the property is beautiful!


McCormack wedding at South Pond Farms | Photo Credit: Jenn Austin Driver


The planning process was so many things; fun, overwhelming, and exciting. My least favourite aspect was the sheer amount of decisions that were required and the stress that came with ensuring that we were making the right decision. We just tried to make those tough decisions to the best of our ability and keep our values in mind. However, there are so many fun aspects of wedding planning: picking your bridesmaids, choosing your dress, picking out flowers…the list really goes on. That part of planning was certainly my favourite! As I have never been apart of the wedding planning process before, having a coordinator from South Pond to help answer all my questions was so beneficial. My advice for newly engaged couples would be to take some time to enjoy your engagement before you start wedding planning. There will be lots of time for planning, but this time with your fiancé you is so special!


Flowers by Danielle French | Photo Credit: Jenn Austin Driver

We got married on September 3rd 2016, the weather was beautiful, sunny, and warm. We really couldn’t have asked for a better day at the farm! Thinking back, it really was the best day!! It was such an amazing experience to spend a day with our closest friends and family on such a beautiful property. All those special moments shared with my new husband, family, and friends are some which I will cherish forever.


Christine and Jordan say “I do” at South Pond Farms | Photo Credit: Jenn Austin Driver


One suggestion we have for brides and grooms to be is to make sure that you communicate the timing for photography with your wedding party, family and friends before hand. There is a short window of time to get all the pictures you want, but there is a quick transition from the ceremony to the time for photography. To make the most of that time, it helps to make sure everyone knows beforehand what pictures they will be involved in and when. I would also suggest appointing a member of your wedding party that knows your family to round everybody up and tell them where they need to be. Overall our wedding went really smoothly. I would attribute that to the hard work of the South Pond Farms staff!

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