By Danielle French

Chilling Out with Mom: Mother’s Day

Whew! Mother’s Day at South Pond was a success… even though we could see our breath as we watched Sarah Rudnicki move through the barn in her ornate, gauzy belly dancing outfit. The beauty of her rhythmic movements was mesmerizing, but I’m sure a few of us wondered if she was freezing!

Photographer Kim Magee was on hand to capture images of Sarah as she floated among the guests. I had never actually seen a belly dancer in person and I was moved to watch Sarah wind her way around the barn, bringing music and vitality to an appreciative audience.

I was so taken with her work that I’ve asked Sarah to provide a workshop we’re calling Belly Dance and Relax in the Country workshop on July 23. I plan to attend for my own enjoyment—we’ll have time to walk, do some meditation, have lunch and of course, learn the basics of belly dancing. (Watching Sarah made me realize this art would be a wonderful way to strengthen my abs!)

Back to Mother’s Day… the wind howled outside, it snowed, it rained and there were even bursts of sunshine. It was all seasons in the space of a few hours. Nevertheless, guests ventured out and experienced the day, despite its unpredictability.

I would say it was nearly perfect… at least, perfect when it came to what we could control. The rest was up to the greatest mother of all, and she definitely had her say in how the day played out!

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