By Danielle French

Fabulous Food: Our First Ever Tasting Day

We held our first tasting for some of our South Pond couples recently (and have another coming up shortly!) As the time approached, Amy and I decided to make it a “party” inviting our DJ Peter St. Patrick Francis and photographer Kim Magee along with The Sweet Kitchen, The Sign Girl and J Arends Design. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet and ‘mix ‘n mingle’ while sipping on cocktails and sampling our wedding menu. But, with the weather so miserable lately, it was stressful thinking about the logistics. With the seemingly never-ending ice and snow it’s been difficult just negotiating your way to the front door! But, once inside, with the heat of the fires, the smell of food on the stove and good company, it worked seamlessly. With great music and food, it was a perfect and fun Saturday afternoon.

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