By Danielle French

Girls, this is why we live here!

This is why I moved to the country. On so many occasions (too many my daughters might think!) – when the moon is just so, the light reflects magically on the fields, the fog settles around the hay bales…I yell out: “girls, look outside! This is why we live here!

I’m sitting inside our barn once filled with hay and cattle, listening to the profoundly beautiful music created with intensity, precision and vibrancy by Mayumi Seiler and her chamber ensemble. Beethoven never knew that his string quartet could be elevated to such acoustic satisfaction. The light through the barn boards, the afternoon breeze slightly riffling the music sheets. Through the windows I can see the swallows swooping in rhythm. Afterward, a mid-afternoon brunch at one long table against a backdrop of hay bales. Friends and neighbours passing the jam and bread. Most do not know each another but were drawn by a love of music, food, the appeal of an afternoon in the country or the experience of all three. Everything about it was magical — the perfect melding of rural and culture. And it was exactly what I have hoped for my life here in the countryside. This is why we live here.[vc_row][vc_column][mk_fullwidth_slideshow images=”11250,11251,11252,11253,11254,11255”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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