By Danielle French

Healthy Eating

It finally feels like summer. Everything is growing and lush. I’m noticing too, the days already getting shorter. How does that happen so quickly? A wonderful part of my summer is having all my daughters home at various times – mostly on weekends. Olivia is back from BC for only three weeks but three weeks it is. There is always commotion and activity – the downside is the kitchen is a giant mess every day. I know there will be time when I will realize there is no one around to make a mess and I will miss it.



We are all pretty healthy eaters, and everyone enjoys cooking and contributing to the daily meals. I have noticed on this visit home, with Olivia training full time as an athlete, she eats differently than we do and for sure takes in a lot more calories! I’m talking about a lot more food… She is incredibly healthy and I’m happy to tag along with her daily regimen. We all enjoy a broad range of food especially vegetables and Olivia in particular is in tune to different combinations of vegetables and grains to give her a higher protein value. It’s hard to convince Shawn to eat a vegetable based meal or even one that has tofu in it, but we are working on it. Liv being home gets me out of the cooking slump and trying more things. The trend to plant based eating is everywhere and I am grateful for it. I always prepare a salad and fresh vegetables for every meal and surprisingly a broad variety of vegetables can certainly give you what you need every day. This time of year – it’s hard to not find abundance in either our gardens or farmers market and even in the grocery stores – there is lots of local produce.



Soup is something that I don’t make enough of for sure. It’s so easy if you have a blender or immersion blender and hot or cold, it is satisfying. Asparagus was plentiful this year as are the peas. I use frozen peas for this recipe – it gives the soup a brilliant green and also adds richness in flavour and add fresh for a garnish. I also used a garlic scape instead of fresh garlic. You can top this soup with just about anything: fresh herbs, a dollop of cream, Shawn would appreciate slivered bacon….


Asparagus and Pea Soup
serve 4 – 6

2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 medium onion – diced
1 clove garlic or 2 garlic scapes – chopped
1 bunch of asparagus – roughly chopped
3 cups of frozen peas
4 cups vegetable stock or water
½ cup fresh herbs: for example a combination of dill, parsley, mint, chives, lovage, chopped
Juice of one lemon or 2 tablespoon cider vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a large pot. On low heat, add onions, salt and pepper and sauté slowly until the onions are melting. Add garlic, sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add stock, asparagus and bring to boil. Cover the pot, reduce heat to low and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes until asparagus is soft. Add the peas and continue to cook for only 1-2 minutes.

Remove from heat and once cooled slightly, purée in a blender in batches until the consistency is smooth. Add half of the fresh herbs and blend one more time. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Add the lemon juice or vinegar and fold in. Garnish with more herbs or whatever you like and serve chilled or warm.

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