By Danielle French

How To Choose Your Make Up Artist: Priceless Beauty Studio

Congratulations! You’re getting married and you will want to put your best face forward. So how do you choose the right makeup artist? Follow Priceless Beauty’s fail-proof tips.


1. Start off with a bit of research.

Check websites and social media pages for photos of past clients. Is the makeup clean and crisp in the photos? You don’t want shiny foreheads or flaky, over powdered skin. Ask for testimonials from past clients. A good makeup artist garners plenty of business through word of mouth so ask around for a referral. What makeup brands or philosophies do they use? Mac? Dior? Vegan? Cruelty free? Whatever aligns with your own philosophies will be right for your big day.

Get a quote.

With the average price of a wedding in Canada costing $32,000, you may be hesitant to splurge on a quality makeup artist but Frugalistas be cautious! Don’t be lured by the cheapest quote, invest in quality to prevent disappointment. After all your face is the first thing people will be looking at. You are the star and a truly professional bridal makeup artist with be worth the few extra dollars.


2. Make sure they are experienced in bridal makeup

Do they understand day to night looks? How to apply makeup that looks good in person and in photos? How different lighting situations require different makeup techniques and products? Be specific about your timing. Even 15 minutes can throw off the most well planned wedding day schedule. Ask for longer lasting products and appropriate layering. You want that gorgeous makeup to last from vow to bouquet toss.


3. Book a trial

Bring a few pictures to the trial. You have a vision? Make sure it’s clear to your makeup artist. A talented makeup artist should be able to emulate the pictures with adjustments to make the look work for your colouring and face shape. Double points if they ask to keep the photos in your file! Yup, they should start a file! While you are working on your perfect look they should be writing down colours and products used to create your look. Even snapping a photo for reference on the big day.


4. Check out their cleanliness

They should be using the following sanitary techniques:

  • No double dipping in creamy or liquid products (Think concealers, gel eyeliners)
  • No using of the wand or brushes that come with the product – lip glosses and mascaras
  • Disposable is the only way to go
  • Check their work station for a makeup cleaner or disinfectant
  • If anything smells a bit off speak up! Ask for it to be cleaned or a new brush to be used
  • Clean and dirty brushes should be clearly separated
  • A stainless steel pallet and metal spatula are best for germ control


5. Booking and deposits

After your trial, get an invoice for the services you require. Try to have everything included so there are no surprises. Include any extras such as airbrush, false lashes , the total number of bridesmaids or family members having makeup done etc. Your deposit should be 25 – 50% of the total Invoice price. When you make a payment get a paper or email receipt. Sign a contract! Get everything down in writing including start and end time, location, who and how many will be receiving makeup services. As well as additional services, latex allergies, any payments made and total owing.

Now that you are armed these tips, you are ready to get out there and choose a makeup artist!

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