By Danielle French

Kim Magee: Photography & Laughter

I met Kim Magee during a photo shoot here on the property.

She is a wedding photographer extraordinaire residing in Lindsay and we became fast friends. If you look on Kim’s web site there are three photos of her that illustrate exactly who Kim is – those snapshots are Kim in a nutshell. I look at those photos and immediately hear this deep belly laugh – anyone who has ever met or worked with Kim will know exactly what I am talking about – and it’s contagious. Oh and her hair! She does have “a mop of curly blonde hair which blows in her face and makes her amazingly cute.”


Kim has been over to the Farm so many times I’ve lost count. Her photos grace my web site everywhere. Aside from capturing brides – and their loving grooms – in the most honest and heartfelt way, she has the best photos of our goats. Her son finished an old window frame and she mounted images of Millie and Tulla in it for Carlyle and Olivia as a gift one year. Her photos of the red chairs over the field one misty morning is how I imagine the fields…dusty, foggy, and deeply calming. She captured a swan in the pond that is just so beautiful. Kim spent many hot days photographing a farm Shawn had bought last summer and the results were breathtaking. Her intuitive relationship to the land is contemplative and reflective and captures a time in farming that has nearly disappeared . I asked her if she wanted to work on a photographic journey with me about entertaining and the love of weddings and of course she said yes. She has the most inspiring energy and I love her.

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