By Danielle French

Millie’s Corner

Our lovely goat Millie will not be with us much longer. She has a sickness that we can not cure and every day we have with her is a lovely day. We’ve given her run of the property just like she used to have before she ate up all my gardens and had to be contained in a paddock. She remembers those days and I often find her on the porch where she looked in on us inside the house or sleeping by her goat house. She doesn’t do much eating these days so what few flowers she grabs now I happily sacrifice to her.



The goat house was built by Shawn for Millie and it’s a place that she seems to love. It’s a place that people love to photograph and this past weekend, I spied her trying to get into some photos as a bride and groom stood in front of the goat house door. We will miss her, Olivia will miss her especially. There is no other crazy goat like our Millie who thought she was always just one of the dogs; she is one of our pack, part of our family. Enjoy these days Millie, eat what you want, take what you need and be at peace.


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