By Danielle French

Mulled, Spiced Rum Apple Cider

BAR TALK: Mulled, Spiced Rum Apple Cider

The weather was crazy this past August. We had a month full of events and weddings and often we were facing driving winds, cold temperatures, rains like you see in November. We all felt so sorry for brides, realizing that they were not going to have the lovely warm sunshine and clear blue sky for their special day. The good news was that everyone just faced the reality and didn’t let the things they couldn’t control put a soggy damper on the day. One wedding was absolutely fantastic, a torrential, unrelenting downpour the entire duration of the wedding, but inside, the noise from the rain hitting the roof and the romantic lighting made it all perfectly magical.

To take the edge off, I put out some mulled cider. This is my “go to” fall drink. Fall to me means apples, squash and cinnamon and a cold glass of cider or later in the day, a warm spiced glass with a shot of rum. This is the best drink on a chilly evening. It was also my drink after arriving to the cottage after a chilly boat ride. (Sadly, I no longer have this wonderful place). August seemed early to be pushing the fall feeling but nevertheless, it is and was a popular drink right through our last wedding mid September. The cider keeping warm on a hot plate behind the bar and either spiced or regular dark rum added if the guest desired and we did go through a lot of cider! The first sip goes right to your toes with warmth and comfort. I think this drink was one thing that got our guests through some of the cooler evenings.


Mulling Spice Mix from South Pond Farms – great for cider


Spice mix perfect for cider from South Pond Farms
We all – especially me – loved experimenting with different cocktails this summer and infusing our liquor with herbs and making special simple syrups to go with them. I equally love experimenting with spice and herb mixtures in my food that I serve for our weddings or different events during the summer. I wanted to bring a little spice to our gift baskets that we are featuring over the holidays. This cocktail recipe is made that much more delicious with one of our featured Fall Rimmers – apple spice, that is perfect with rum cider, or even around a cup of chai latte! Look for all the available spice and rimmer mixtures on our Holiday Gift Basket list – there should be something for everyone!

1 litre apple cider – my preference is pure pressed apple cider from Presidents Choice or direct from your local orchard!
1 sachet mulling spices
1 apple slice for rimming
1 cinnamon stick for garnish
Apple Spice Rimmer

Add the cider and the mulling spice sachet to a heavy saucepan. Heat the cider slowly on the stove – do not let this boil or it will separate. You can do this ahead of time and reheat just before your guests arrive. It will also smell fantastic in your kitchen!

Take one apple slice and rim the heat proof glass (I used a mason jar). Dip the rim of the glass/jar into the rimmer. Ladle the hot cider into the glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick, or a few cranberries or even a sliver of apple. I use about 150-250 ml cider per person.
Yum! This is also a great drink to have outdoors after piling leaves or doing outdoor chores – like stacking wood!

After establishing a fully licensed bar in 2013, Danielle immediately delved into the world of cocktail concoctions and established the approach that, like all things, fresh, handmade and from the garden is best. Bar Talk is a place for her to share her favourite recipes and shed light on life as a bar owner.

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