By Danielle French

Ode to the Canadian Butter Tart

The countdown to July 1st is on! As Canadians we celebrate the date when the three separate colonies of ‘Canada’ ( Quebec and Ontario), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, came together as one dominion. The consolidation of sorts, was the first step in creating the Canada that we have come to know and love today. To pay homage to this great day we wanted to consolidate three quintessential Canadian favourites to create a butter tart that was worthy of representing the birth of this great nation, but where to start?



We happen to think Canada is pretty awesome and that it has a tremendous number of equally great contributing factors. It is the home of hockey, the Great Lakes, Tim Hortons, apologies, maple syrup, agriculture, bacon, poutine, polar bears, and public health care (to name a few). After reading this short list, you can understand just how difficult was to create a butter tart that was archetypically Canadian.

Though bragging is not in our nature, we think we have come up with the perfect butter tart to salute our country on its 150th birthday. Instead of trying to tackle all of the things that make Canada great, we thought we would focus our attention on a sector very close to our hearts- local food and farmhouse patronage. To give proper adulation to our grain farmers we have crafted a substantial buckwheat crust. To spice up the traditional butter tart filling we have added a creamy local goat cheese and of course incorporated some of our famous Canadian bacon to bring it all together. The triage of local cheese, bacon and traditional grains serve as a throwback to Canadian farmhouse cooking at its finest. If you are wondering how can test out this scrumptious concoction for yourself, check out the Kawartha Northumberland Butter tart tour website! Alternatively, come any Wednesday to our public lunches or our Farm Gate Fridays and Saturdays!

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