By Danielle French

Pork Rillettes

I am happy that it’s starting to feel – and look –  like Spring. We are doing our best to stay uplifted here at the farm with events pushed off indefinitely, it is a difficult time not only for us to navigate but pretty well everyone else on the planet.  A bit of brite news is looking at ways we can reinvent ourselves and one way is going back to my old roots of making food for delivery. An old idea, new (and sad) times. We are working with local purveyors and farmers on an online farmers market. It’s uplifting to see so many virtually coming together, helping each other to provide fresh ingredients. Kendall Hills Farms has been working tirelessly to create a platform for businesses like us to list our offerings and for people to safely order fresh food online and stay at home. 

Our menu is based on making meals together, meal kits or pantry items that can be used to make delicious food for the table. You can purchase it from us on our website here or from Kendall Hills Farms. 

Pork Rillettes is an item on our pantry list. It is made with – brace yourself – fatty pork like pork belly and cured. Then it is cooked with spices on very low heat until it’s melting. The meat is then shredded and preserved with the warm cooking fat. I equate it to duck confit.  

I’m sure there will be a few people (like me) that might want to know how to serve this. I look at pork rillettes sort of like a coarse pate that I might serve with crackers or bread as an appetizer. It’s also great on a charcuterie board with cheese, nuts, pickles and other cured meats.  It’s very rich and very delicious. It is satisfying at a time when food for me is comfort. I like it with a pickle on the side. I think you may like it too.

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