By Danielle French

Supper Around the Fire

Snow Day arrived right in between two really cold days. Or more like it, really cold stretches of days. The temperature rose staying in the cozy spot of about -6, light snow and the day was perfect. The trails were set and the conditions were just about as good as it gets. The evening experiment of a “torch light” ski/snow shoe and dinner around the fire was magical. It is how winter should be here in Canada fighting what has been endless days of cold and wind. I should add that Amy, Nick and Shawn all “poo pooed” the idea of eating outside in snow suits and gently advised postponing the outdoor dinner until the grass was green. There was a tiny part of me that thought they were probably right but I had made a gesture and a commitment and I was sticking to it! We immediately had some very keen folks who RSVP’d right away and off we went toward an evening of over 25 guests! First, the snow shoers led by Carlyle and the skiers by Denis Parent, our trusty trail setter and neighbour, made their way over the McKim Garsonin Ballyduff trails – and arrived back at the stone oven just before final darkness set in. Shawn had the fires roaring and the stew was warming in the oven. Rolf and I dished out heaping bowls of beef Bourguignon stone baked bread, Mariposa cheese and cookies. An addition of a story teller or someone playing the guitar might be a thought for next time. But there is something about the simplicity of sitting around fire and being pulled in to the lure of flames that transcends all experiences. It was truly a magical night and a great way to end a blustery day. It will be a repeat for sure.


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