Getting Ready

I’ve spent the first week of the new year probably like many – thinking of what next steps might look like over the coming months and changes I’d like to make. I need a clear space to work [...]

A Season in Review

It has been another busy summer season at South Pond Farms: weddings, Full Moon Suppers, Country Farmhouse Dinners, brunches, private events and to cap it off, becoming the recipient of the [...]

A Season in Review

For me, autumn has always signified a fresh start; a new beginning, a time to reflect on the busy summer months that seem to pass by far too quickly. After starting my journey with South Pond [...]

The End of the Season

Wedding Season has come to a close yet again at South Pond Farms. I can’t believe it has been 3 years now since I started hosting weddings at the farm. Oh my how so much has changed since [...]

Letting Go

The time has finally come for a new barn roof. The original roof was one of the nicest features of the property. It was painted green, but has rusted over the years, giving it a lovely reddish [...]

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