Then and Now: Part I

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I was sorting through some photos recently. A project that I believe seems to fit with January in the greater scheme of getting organized. I found some old photos of…

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Letting Go

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The time has finally come for a new barn roof. The original roof was one of the nicest features of the property. It was painted green, but has rusted over…

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Life’s Little Necessities IV

Spring is finally... here? Well, at least the washrooms are at long last in their final stages. This has been an enormous project, bigger than I ever thought it would…

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Life’s Little Necessities III

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The washrooms are starting to take shape! As with all construction projects, the part we'll see when they're finished represents a tiny fraction of the work that went into them.…

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Life’s Little Necessities II

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Until not long ago, most Ontario farm families grew or raised nearly all of their food, drank water from a well on the property and may have cut all their…

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Life’s Little Necessities

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New ideas for South Pond have brought with them a new reality: the need for permanent washrooms. (Let's face it--port-a-potties are many things, but pleasant isn't one of them.) So,…

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