Notes from the team

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Notes from Chef Neale Aziz I started South Pond making food; gathering from a small garden and making different dishes to sell first in a food delivery service and then…

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Feeling Good: Braised Kale for a Winter Day

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It’s January, one of my favourite months for quiet time, learning, reading and being inspired. But boy, has it been an icy one. I’ve hardly wanted to venture outside and…

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Leftovers the South Pond Way

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When my brother and I were kids we often spent summers at my grandparent’s house in Michigan. The soil was rich for many things - particularly fruits being so close…

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Cooking in Tante Nati’s Kitchen

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I’ve decided to try to cook a German meal every week - or at least two times per month. I recently visited my godmother, Renate and her husband Eberhard at…

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Zucchini Boat Recipe

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September is one of my favourite months. I feel like I’m turning a new page. Weddings come to a close, the super charged bustle is gone. I come up with…

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Saturday at the Field House

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  It’s another Saturday which means (during the off wedding season), driving Olivia to a Rugby training day or game. During the summer months, well it’s just crazy. Trying to…

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Bones & Broth

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Lately there has been a lot of commotion about broth—how good it is for you, how broth bars are popping up all over New York City charging $8 for a…

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