By Danielle French

The 411 on Insurance

As spring approaches, and we move closer to commencing our wedding season, our couples are finalizing the logistics of their day. Menu options, bar provisions, colour schemes, flowers and… insurance. Though insurance isn’t always a feature that first comes to mind when discussing impending nuptials, it is, in many situations, as important as the venue itself. At South Pond we require all of our couples to invest in Host or Event insurance ( commonly referred to as Party Alcohol Liability or P.A.L insurance) to have access to our facilities. Now, you are probably wondering why you need this host insurance; in fact you might be unaware that you even need to purchase it! Fear not, we are here to help. Today are going to take a moment to break down additional insurance; what you need, why you need it and most importantly, how to get it!

The first question I get when I bring up insurance to prospective clients is; “aren’t you covered”? The answer is, of course,“YES”! As a licensed facility we are insured and are able to let you host your event at our venue but when when your guests walk off the property having consumed alcohol at an event that you are legally hosting, it means that you are responsible for what ensues. That is a lot of responsibility. Host or event insurance are programs that provide protection when lawsuits are brought against individuals, organizations or companies who host single/multi-day functions with alcohol service. Host and/or event insurance does not act in place of a liquor license but rather, in conjunction with one to protect you, the host, from personal liability.

Since PAL/ Event insurance is personal liability coverage, the insurance must be taken out by the host ( in this case, the bride or groom) and not the venue; though, most venues will asked to be named on this insurance. Premiums are based on the number of guests attending your event and the amount of liability requested ( most venues, South Pond included, request a minimum of $2 million dollars in liability coverage). Most insurance companies can assist you in obtaining host/event insurance- if you are getting married at South Pond we connect you with our preferred insurance vendor ( Stewart Morrison Insurance) to ensure that you are well taken care of!

Getting married is an exciting time for you and your partner; you don’t want to start your journey together embroiled in a lawsuit because one of your guests acted irresponsibly and caused harm to another person or damaged property. Protect yourself from the onset and you will be able to enjoy your day knowing that you and your spouse are covered!

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