By Danielle French

The Winter (or things to do in the off season) at South Pond Farms

We could not have asked for better press this fall. Once in the Toronto Star and just recently, featured in On the Up magazine for great escapes close to Toronto, (On the Up – Make a Break for it page 39). On the UP is a beautifully produced magazine that is given out on the Toronto Union/Pearson express train. When I was first asked about the article in the summer, it seemed like a great idea. We have so much to offer in this part of the world in the warmer months. There is theatre, outdoor activities, artists in the hills and of course in the summer here at the farm we have our supper clubs, Wednesday lunches, painting & wine workshops, outdoor pizza making workshops, the gardens are in bloom and it is a wonderful place to be.



But this article came out just this fall. Many businesses close down, gardens are brown with frost, our barn gets closed up for the winter months, games and furniture put away. It’s a time that we need to plan, to regroup and to think. Nevertheless, it was exciting to see this publication. The writer who visited this summer was lovely and interesting (Christine Palassio) and I enjoyed spending time with the photographers (Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott) who had travel all over the continent photographing food and people.



I’m always asked at this time of year if it’s nice not being busy but actually, I’m just as busy as I am in the summer. I am not hosting large events in the barn but I’m occupied catching up on emails and planning different things for the winter and of course, thinking ahead for 2017 and 2018 brides! The winter is also time to plan workshops in areas that I love like beading, creating things out of the winter farm fauna, bread making, getting ready for the holidays. In the winter months – the barn may be shut down (except for wreath making day) but the outdoors is still magical. Shawn built a magnificent fire pit – “fire pit” does not do this justice. It is a beautiful spot for fire including an iron plow in the centre that acts as a backdrop for the wood.



I am imagining an event in the dead of winter – maybe Valentine’s Day – people sitting around the fire, bundled up sipping mulled wine or hot chocolate. This year I’m taking a chance and doing just that. Valentine’s Day outdoors, in the middle of the week. What is more romantic that eating under the stars around a fire. Now that is a Canadian event! The article published this time of year may not have been far off base. There are some magical experiences to be had just a short drive out of the city.



Look for our House Concert Schedule, festive holiday events and after a successful beading afternoon – more beading in the winter!


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