By Danielle French

Tip from my Mom: Mint Iced Tea

Mint tea is a delicious summer drink served cold, especially, if you have a lot of mint growing in your garden. I have a few varieties of mint – apple (my favourite), peppermint, spearmint, chocolate and ginger mint….it can be overwhelming but you will soon discover your favourite too.

My mother showed me the most simple way to make it – no pulling leaves off, chopping or straining. She simply cuts a large handful of mint like a small arrangement of flowers and puts them in a heatproof measuring container, stems and all. Pour about 8 cups of boiling water into the measuring cup and let steep for 1 or 2 hours.

Remove the mint and pour the liquid into a jar. Keep refrigerated in a mason jar or glass pitcher. Pour a bit when you need a little pick me up. The fresh taste of mint is simply delicious. Add ice and serve.

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