By Danielle French

Wedding Series at South Pond Farms

It is that time of year! Couples deciding to get married. January marks the commencement of our second Wedding Series on the blog. We started this series last January after an influx of inquiries about how to start planning after becoming engaged. We know that planning a wedding can be a big job and though it’s an exciting time for you and your family, it can often be difficult to discern where to start! The purpose of the wedding series is to connect you with past brides/grooms and vendors who can help you navigate through the, sometimes muddy, waters of planning.




Featuring Bridal testimonies gives you some insight into what it is like to worth with South Pond, special considerations for the venue and a general “what to expect”. We feel that recent brides can offer unique perspectives and current advice that we can take for granted being entrenched in the field.



We also like to feature posts from our preferred vendors. Individuals that are selected to be apart of our Preferred Vendors List have been carefully vetted and have worked with our team in the past. This year we will be featuring pieces from one of our DJ’s, officiants and makeup artists. We do encourage you to give these posts a read as they are written by industry professionals and they are designed to help you identify what to look for before hiring someone in their respective fields.



Below is a link to our first ever Wedding Series post identifying what we feel are the initial questions you need to consider before commencing with your planning. These queries are meant to get you thinking about important details like setting/allocating your budget, researching your venue (and the services it provides), and outsourcing vendors. Check it out here ) to get started on the right foot this January!


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