By Danielle French

Basketball in the Barn

ASK AMY: Will the basketball net be taken down?

This is a seasonal question – and one that I often forget about until it pops up again. Every fall like clockwork, a basketball net gets hung in the barn. Danielle’s daughters all play basketball and this is the perfect place for them to practice (although I will admit to getting a bit nervous about the chandeliers periodically!) This of course happens only after all of our weddings are done, but we still regularly show the barn to brides and grooms who are looking to book their upcoming wedding. I used to assume that people knew we would never leave a basketball net up for a wedding! But quickly learned not to assume these things, as inevitably I would get a follow-up email asking, “Will the basketball net still be up for our wedding?” A totally logically question, but for some reason it always makes me laugh as I envision a wedding party starting a game of H.O.R.S.E.


“I particularly love it when a groom requests the opposite – because yes, this has happened more than once – thinking it would be rather cool to have a quick game of hoops in the middle of the reception…perhaps they’re onto something there…”

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