By Danielle French

Winter Weddings


ASK AMY: Can I have a wedding in the winter?

I often get emails from interested parties wanting to host an event or wedding here in the winter. The property is absolutely stunning this time of year, especially after a fresh snowfall when the snow glistens like glitter in the sun. The rolling hills get blanketed in white and the tips of the trees are all frosted, turning the farm into a winter wonderland. It really is the perfect backdrop for a winter wedding or occasion.

The problem is that the barn is not heated. In fact, in the depths of February it’s difficult to even get into the barn given the six foot snow drifts up against the door. Last year after a severe ice storm, we even had to chip our way into the barn with an axe!

Living in the countryside is often a double-edged sword. There is the beautiful romantic notion of sweeping vistas and stunning sunsets over the fields, and then there is the harsh reality of stoking the fires and getting buried under the snow. But hey, this is why we live here!

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