Grandma French’s Stuffing Recipe

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My niece, Claire, asked me yesterday for the stuffing recipe that we had for Canadian Thanksgiving. My brother and his family spontaneously flew up for the holiday this past October…

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I spent one of the most beautiful fall days this past weekend picking and drying sumac. Sumac is one of my favorite bushes. They are called bushes but really small…

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Preserving: Tomato Jam

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  I’ve been making some my favourite preserve, tomato jam. When I first moved here, I planted a garden of heirloom tomatoes and it seems the tomatoes became one of…

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Summer Salads

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Who can have enough summer salads? The season is so short, the bounty comes in and then the next thing we know we are furiously trying to preserve putting vegetables,…

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Healthy Eating

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It finally feels like summer. Everything is growing and lush. I’m noticing too, the days already getting shorter. How does that happen so quickly? A wonderful part of my summer…

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Herbs and Herbs and More Herbs

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There is nothing that is more satisfying in the summer than using fresh herbs to enhance all our garden produce. It reaches all senses. It’s wonderful that we have the…

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