By Danielle French

Farmhouse Feasts

On October 15th we hosted our inaugural Apple Fest Brunch at South Pond Farms. It was a quintessential fall event and despite it being our first Apple Fest it was the last barn event of the season! Where did the time go? After a busy summer of Farm House Suppers and Full Moon Dinners we couldn’t imagine a winter void of culinary creativity. As such, we have decided to introduce intimate Farmhouse Feasts.These feasts are particularly special as they are intimate dining experiences located in our Chef’s Kitchen! As a result, attendance will be capped at twelve guests. Dinner will be comprised of a six course tasting menu that features seasonal and local ingredients. Each menu will be different and kept a surprise; however, we will be sending out suggested wine pairings for each course the week before. Perhaps we forgot to mention one of the unique features of this event, since dinner takes place in our Kitchen, each event is BYOB! All recommended pairings will be available at the LCBO and will allow you to customize your choices to your individual tastes!



While the element of surprise might seem daunting, we hope that you are as excited as we are to sample new and innovative menus created by our chef. It is worth pausing for a moment here to reiterate that we are happy to modify individual dishes for dietary restrictions. We believe in making these experiences inclusive to all – vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant alike. Please let us know upon booking if there are any restrictions that we should make our kitchen aware of so that we can ensure that you get a meal that is customized just for you.

These events can be booked privately for a flat rate or as a public event ( dates for these are noted on our website). If you want to test the waters before committing to an event of your own we recommend the October 21st dinner. Unfortunately, the 20th has already sold out! If you would prefer a private booking instead please don’t hesitate to reach out, we would be happy to coordinate a time with our chef.

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