By Danielle French

Holiday Planning: Gatherings

It is not Halloween but we know that planning for Christmas can be downright scary! Whether you are planning a family outing or a corporate event, the task of planning a Christmas gathering can be daunting. Despite it being October, holiday gatherings can easily sneak up on you so here are our three top tips to ensure that your get-together is one to remember!

Set a date – December is a busy time for most. Between holiday get-togethers and last minute gift shopping schedules book up fast! Set a date for your event as soon as possible so that your friends, family and colleagues can squeeze your gathering into their rapidly filling planners.

Set the tone – What type of atmosphere are you looking to create? Is your gathering meant to be a team building excursion? A relaxing day away? A culinary adventure? At South Pond we offer a variety of packages depending on the intentions for your event. Whether you are looking to engage in a workshop with your team, walk our trails and become one with nature, learn about farm house cooking and baking, or enjoy a private dinner with our chef, we have options that appeal to a variety of audiences! Set your tone, determine what you are looking for and ensure that your venue can accommodate your needs. Check out some of our public and private workshops here!

Set a menu – Accommodating for dietary restrictions is an important step in ensuring that all of your guests can fully partake in your holiday event. It is important that the menu you choose accommodates a variety of dietary modifications. Our chefs are trained in nut free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian cooking. We believe that everyone deserves a delicious entree and are happy to make alterations to all of our dishes to ensure that this is the case! We also advocate for menus that are seasonal and local so that your guests have the freshest tasting and most nutritionally dense meals during this holiday season.

With these tips in mind you are ready to plan an unforgettable event! Set a date, set the tone and set your menu to accommodate all of your guests; doing so will undoubtedly lend itself to a stress free day filled with great company, great memories and delicious food!

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