By Danielle French

Lending A Hand

A task nobody likes is filing (in fact, you could probably say we despise it…) but we do like organization, so it’s a necessary evil. We set aside a day a few weeks ago to delve into the world of filing and as you can tell from the photo, Lilly and Nim decided they would volunteer their help. Needless to say, they caused more chaos than they provided help, but how can you say no to those faces?!

As an incentive to get through it all – did I mention we hate filing? – we decided the following day we would make a day trip to the Christmas Market in the Distillery District in Toronto. We were seeking inspiration for a Christmas event we are planning on hosting at the farm next year. Let me tell you, we learned A LOT! It was freezing cold with what felt like gail force winds, but to be honest this was probably what we benefitted from the most, realizing that people don’t like to walk around in the cold unless they are bundled up and likely doing a physically active activity to keep warm. Then the brainstorming began, skating rink, no, a skating trail through the forest! Perhaps we get a little carried away sometimes, but isn’t that the fun of it all? The possibilities are endless, you just need to put your mind to something. Even filing.

Millie, and all of our beloved animals out at the farm, provide no shortage of entertainment, which is why Millie’s Corner was born – so we can share these stories with you. From goats eating wedding flowers to dogs riding in the Gator, sometimes we think we have seen it all…

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