Chili Two Ways

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We got tons of compliments on the chili served in mugs on our recent Snow Day in support of Kawartha Heritage Conservancy. Ralph made the vegetarian version (which qualifies as…

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Spectacular Snow Day

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Wow—what a wonderful day it was! It was truly an alignment of all the stars and planets: Friday brought snow, snow and more snow. With Saturday came sunshine, perfect trails…

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Tender and Flavourful Pork Medallions

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I recently took a spontaneous trip to Vermont to pay a visit to my parents. (Where I heard some news about the proposed state vegetable that made me smile.) January…

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Time to Simplify

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When the urge to de-clutter and simplify strikes, it’s easy togo through closets and sort out clothes that no longer fit or look right, or pick through the kitchen drawers…

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Kale Coincidence

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Was it happenstance or karma at work? Just after finishing my last post about kale, I hit the road to visit family in Vermont. The most amazing thing happened while…

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Kale and Unusual Company

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So much chatter about kale these days! I’ve always loved it, so I only recently realized it had become fashionable after being unpopular for so long. It is one of…

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Life’s Little Necessities III

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The washrooms are starting to take shape! As with all construction projects, the part we'll see when they're finished represents a tiny fraction of the work that went into them.…

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Winter? Bring It On!

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I really do love winter. I know I complain pretty steadily aboutmy drafty farm house, which requires a huge supply of wood to heat. But being outdoors where it’s supposed…

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