Notes from the team

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Notes from Chef Neale Aziz I started South Pond making food; gathering from a small garden and making different dishes to sell first in a food delivery service and then…

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Specialty Salts: Keeping Us Busy

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Our off-season has been busy here! Surprisingly so. It seems that every day we have more gift basket orders (in large part thanks to Kate & Co. in downtown Lindsay!)…

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Caesar Salad Recipe

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FARM FRIDAY RECIPE: Tom and Danielle's Caesar Salad This is a crazy way to remember how to make a salad dressing. A few years ago… actually about 20, we were…

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2015 Menu Tasting Day

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Just two short weeks after our season ended we scheduled our Menu Tasting Day for our 2015 weddings. In the past, we hosted the day in April, but given the…

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The Best Pasta Recipe

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My go-to meal is this pasta dish. I could eat pasta pretty well every day - but it’s a good thing I don’t! The Italians have it right in terms…

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