Kale Salad

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Salads make up a large portion of my plate for nearly every meal. During this time of isolation, I am eating lots (and lots) of root vegetables left over from…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Favorite Holiday Happy Thanksgiving or Columbus Day whichever you might celebrating this long weekend. This is one of my very favorite holidays and I love being able to celebrate…

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Summer Salads

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I love salad - especially summer salads when all things are fresh. I prepare one with almost every meal. In the summer, the greens are so fresh and delicate they…

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Best Nutritious Breakfast

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Breakfast is a hard meal for me to get motivated to make. I also find it hard to feel nutritious about breakfast. If I didn't have a daughter or two…

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Another (Tasty) Quinoa Dish

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There are times when I get tired of quinoa. There are a lot of great grains to choose from in making a grain salad or risotto-like dish but I often…

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Garlic Lemon wake me up!

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One of my mom’s dear friends who lives in Germany and who is an inspiration for greeting age full on with grace, beauty and good health, recommended this drink to…

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Ginger Root to the Rescue

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  It’s heerrreeee... holiday treats, large dinners, indulgent baking and seasonal snacks- the days of rich feasting are upon us! I don’t know about you, but I am foodie in…

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Christine’s Story

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My story, though still unfinished, began in a doctor’s office almost seven years ago when I was diagnosed with IBS, lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity and a torturous colon… just a…

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Fall Soups

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  Fall is my favourite time of year for soup. There is something about the cooler temperatures, we all yearn for the warmth of comfort food. The colours of the…

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