Kale Salad

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Salads make up a large portion of my plate for nearly every meal. During this time of isolation, I am eating lots (and lots) of root vegetables left over from…

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Fall Salads

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This time of year, we eat a lot of either kale or cabbage as a salad course to nearly every meal. Shawn asked me recently if we really needed to…

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Feeling Good: Braised Kale for a Winter Day

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It’s January, one of my favourite months for quiet time, learning, reading and being inspired. But boy, has it been an icy one. I’ve hardly wanted to venture outside and…

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Kale Coincidence

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Was it happenstance or karma at work? Just after finishing my last post about kale, I hit the road to visit family in Vermont. The most amazing thing happened while…

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Kale and Unusual Company

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So much chatter about kale these days! I’ve always loved it, so I only recently realized it had become fashionable after being unpopular for so long. It is one of…

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