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I started doing workshops at the farm not because I’m an expert in instruction or even have expert knowledge but because there are certain things that I love doing. Craft…

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Holiday Planning: Gatherings

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It is not Halloween but we know that planning for Christmas can be downright scary! Whether you are planning a family outing or a corporate event, the task of planning…

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Workshops that Work for You

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You are busy; between work, family, extracurriculars it’s not always easy to escape to try a new class, workshop, or learning experience. We know that time away needs to be…

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Be Our Guest

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At South Pond Farms we are a one stop, full service event venue. What exactly does that mean? It means that as a business we prioritize convenience for our guests.…

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On Being Thankful

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I love Christmas. I love everything about this season. This year, it commenced with a trip to Vermont for Thanksgiving and seeing my family. When I returned home, Aubrey Rose…

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Gatherings: Women Getting Together

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Is it different when women get together versus men? Do women share in ways that are unique? I do believe there is a very special bond when women gather together.…

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