By Danielle French

Wedding Planning Advice from a Professional Planner

Amber Walker from Amber Walker Events has some professional advice about planning your BIG Day with an unexpected twist about LOVE… Curious about what an event planner has to say on the topic? Well read on!



If you are reading this, you are probably planning the day you have been dreaming about since you were a child…your wedding day. And by now, you are probably realizing it’s a lot harder and more expensive than it looks. You have a vision in your head about the lace dress you will wear, the rose petal cover aisle you will walk down, the stemware, elegant centre pieces and the most perfect first dance song. I mean it’s what you have thought about since you were a little girl ( or boy) and why should have to settle for anything less than perfect? You shouldn’t! Now, you have probably heard the old adage “no one is perfect,” well neither are events. Despite this, your wedding day is going to be ‘one for the books’ – do you know why? Because you are going to marry the love of your life! Yes, I know what you are thinking “Is this event planner really talking about love?” I sure am! As an event planner, I cut through the bull and tell you the truth. So here it is…



I have planned, attended and been in more events than I would like to admit and once it’s said and done the brides always say “Wow, that really flashed before my eyes” they go on to tell me that they wish that they didn’t stress the small stuff because no one noticed and they were so busy throughout the entire day that they barely could take in all the details they carefully chose.

What do couples remember? All the love around them. It’s like you have your own personal cheerleading squad of 150 people cheering you on like, “yeah I knew them when he was dating someone else but she was absolutely convinced they were soulmates and truthfully I thought she was crazy… but I guess she was only crazy in love because look at them today!” OR “I knew he had found the one the day I called the party animal of our group to come meet up with the guys for a few beers and he said ‘I think I may just have a low key night with….’’ These are the stories you will hear, everyone will tell their version of YOUR love story and seeing your love through their eyes is the definition of magical.



Remember that carefully chosen aisle covered in rose petals? Well you won’t even notice when you walk down the aisle because you are pretty darn occupied looking at the person you going to spend the rest of life with. Tell me if you are going to notice that one of your candle lanterns has blown out when you look up and see a grown man waiting for you under that vine covered arch with tears in his eyes (yes men are usually more emotional at their wedding than woman, my own brother was barely able to say his vows).

You are picturing a fairytale wedding and it will be, but it’s usually for reasons that you may not expect. Don’t get me wrong, It’s your wedding day and you should put in thought about the things you want and all the beautiful details like flowers and your dream dress, that will make your day memorable but when something goes wrong (and it will) my advice is; don’t sweat the small stuff. This day will be everything you ever dreamt it would be and it is my belief that you will realize this the moment you look into your love’s eyes. Despite the chaos around you, despite the small hiccoughs along the way, it will be everything you hoped it would be; light, love and complete bliss.



Thank you Amber for writing this beautiful blog post! If you are looking to find out more about Amber and her company, Amber Walker Events, check out the links below:

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