By Danielle French

What A Coincidence!

Over Christmas we had our spices and gift baskets available at Kate & Co. in the City of Kawartha Lakes. On my way out of the store one day after dropping off a few items, I was stopped in my tracks by an image on a card. “That’s our goat!” I blurted out practically yelling in surprise. It was so strange to see Lady peeking her head out of our little red paddock. The line of cards was from a local photographer and Kate had no idea of the connection since the location of the photo was not listed anywhere. After explaining to Kate that Lady had passed away recently, she gladly and graciously handed over the card to take home and share with the girls. It was truly a serendipitous moment.

Millie, and all of our beloved animals out at the farm, provide no shortage of entertainment, which is why Millie’s Corner was born – so we can share these stories with you. From goats eating wedding flowers to dogs riding in the Gator, sometimes we think we have seen it all…

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