Time for Some Downtime

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Finally, it seems that there is some time to unwind. People ask us what we do during the winter and honestly, this has been the busiest winter I can remember.…

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The Best Pasta Recipe

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My go-to meal is this pasta dish. I could eat pasta pretty well every day - but it’s a good thing I don’t! The Italians have it right in terms…

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Sourdough Friday

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Like all of us here in the Kawarthas, I woke up last week to the sound of ice hitting the windows, high winds from the east and the branches covered…

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Thinking of Easter Dinner

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Brussels sprouts are not something everyone loves but nevertheless, they seem to come up when the holidays do. This recipe for Brussels sprouts is so simple, and even those not…

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Braised Short Ribs of Beef

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This is one of my favorite winter things to cook. Not quite a stew, not quite ribs, but very flavourful and definitely a good after-a-snowshoe-or-ski kind of meal. My vegetable…

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Chili Two Ways

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We got tons of compliments on the chili served in mugs on our recent Snow Day in support of Kawartha Heritage Conservancy. Ralph made the vegetarian version (which qualifies as…

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Tender and Flavourful Pork Medallions

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I recently took a spontaneous trip to Vermont to pay a visit to my parents. (Where I heard some news about the proposed state vegetable that made me smile.) January…

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